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Good day. We are a company that is expanding to new territorries, and our Director will be travelling for 11 months next year to the following countries:

1. January, February & March - Thailand
2. April & May - Brazil
3. June & July - Colombia
4. August & September - Dominican Republic
5. October and November - France

December - Work is done! You go home!

We are looking for language teachers/tutors who can teach our Director languages ON THE GO. The objective is that by end of year next year, the Director will have at least a working knowledge of the following languages:

1. Mandarin
2. Spanish
3. Portuguese
4. French

The Director:
- Young Professional male aged 27.
- Speaks English only so far
- Hobbies include food tasting and swimming!

Our ideal candidate:
- must be free the travel the world for a year
- Female or Male aged between 18 and 25
- able to provide a lively learning environment that incorporates travel adventure.
- whilst a formal teaching qualification is not required, it is mandatory to demonstrate ability to teach a language to a beginner i.e. Lesson plans, learning methods and goals etc.
- it is preferred but not mandatory if your home country is one of the countries visited so that during a period, you can show the Director around your country. This is a bonus, not a requirement
- candidates who can teach more than one language will have an added advantage

What's included in the package:

1. All flights (economy class) are paid for by the company
2. Accommodation is paid for by the company
3. All visas are paid for by the company
4. Travel Insurance for the duration of the program is paid for by the company

Salary and Allowance are discussed below.

To Apply, respond to this ad by answering the following:
1. What is your Name?
2. What educational qualifications do you hold?
3. Are you male or female? Of what age?
4. What languages do you speak? And what is your proficiency level?
5. What languages can you teach? Up to what level?
6. How well do you speak English?
7. How prepared are you to spend the entire year abroad in different countries?
8. Being that your travel, accommodation, visas and insurance are taken care of, what is your expectation in terms of living allowance per month? That is for food and maybe some shopping.
9. On top of the allowance, there is a salary. How much will you charge per month for the actual tutoring of the language(s) you are applying to tutor?
10. Which Country's passport do you carry? This is useful in determining which countries you can visit Visa Free.
11. Whist this part is no Mandatory, it would help if you attach a photo or two of yourself.

Closing Date - 15 December 2016

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